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Having survived the World's Fair, Prohibition, and more bad Cubs seasons than any human could tolerate, the 125-year-old Chicago Athletic Association Hotel is a hub of history that's now open to the public for first time.

Check out this primer on everything you'll want to explore.

If you fail, you will be treated as a common criminal by the authorities.

Sneak In2-8 PLAYERS – For nearly two centuries, the hope of gold has lured people to the hills of Northern California.

Phillips Sauer's Ambassador Democratic Hall on 47th & Wabash The Normal Lounge The Surf Lounge The Hear Here Presidents Red Lantern Studio 79 Cameron Club Eydie's Tiger Lounge So Rare Plaza Pub Roadrunner Vinzants City Lights Tenament Square Mc Clendas Peyton Place Ponderosa The Other Place Tippin In Beverly House Colonial House East Of The Ryan Chic Rick What's Poppin' New Look Restaurant and Shrimp Place 819 E 39th St The Railroad Club Bobby's Lounge on 75th and Rhodes The Hobby House (for breakfast) The Point The Am Vets The Stars Lounge The Family Den The Woods Room Submitted by Albert Smith The Toronado lounge on 74th & Cottage. Tees Beauty Shop Huck Fynn Donuts 63rd Street Fish Mart Rabb Tailors Three Sister Clothes 5 & 10 Store Woolworth's Neisner's Del Farm Foods The Basement Store on 65th & Normal Chas A Stevens on State Street Fish Furniture Jack in the Box Stotlands Furniture Ariga B's the home of BBQ Bobby (These Ribs Are Taste Tested) Ernie's Flagg Brothers Shoes Submitted by Barbara Mc Collum Remember The Confidential on N. Submitted by Audrey Harris Soul Queen Queen of the Sea Digby's Restaurant (22nd Street) H&H Restaurant Aragon Ballroom White's Shrimp Nick & Angels Ted's Diner H&A Restaurant Tad's Steakhouse Louie's Polish Joe's Chicken Shack Rompus Room Woolworths Neisner Brothers Prince & Joy Hamburgers Hillman's Grocers, Paddor's Kreske's in the Englewood Concourse on 63rd off of Halsted, Argia B (sp? The Blue Flame on the corner of 71st & Halsted Mama D's on 58th St The Balcony on North Ave Lady J's on Milwaukee Ave St.

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Accessible through the lobby or private alleyway entrance, the hotel's fully restored game room sports tabletop games, 300 seats, and a dim, lacquered whiskey bar mystique.

Along with illustrations denoting great moments in Chicago sports, one of your friends is liable to ask, "hey, isn't that the Cubs logo hanging on the back wall?

You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released.

) on 78th Halsted Metro Music on 78th & Halsted and E. Anselm's on 61st Jamaica Club on 61st The Pelican on 61st The Blue Note The Factory 80th Racine The Marquis Show Club, The Portside Sneeky Petes Reese's Lounge The 69 Club King Castle's under the El Tracks 63rd Halsted, Papa David's meat market 66th/67th Wentworth Penny's Discount Store at 67th Steward submitted by Arthur Schock Williams South Center at 47th and South Park Johnny Dollar the Tailor The Zombie (633 Club) C & C Show Lounge and everyone's favorite The 12 Street Store...

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