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She got married 6 years ago to David and now she has a partner to help her with updates to this charming house.

It’s in dire need of being introduced to the 21st century and that’s where I came in.

Greenhouses in which the temperature could be manually manipulated first appeared in 15th century Korea.

The 15th century treatise, the Sanga Yorok, contains descriptions of greenhouses designed to regulate the temperature and humidity requirements of plants and crops.

Korean fortresses were based on a stone culture and built using stones, and often incorporated natural mountainous terrain, and therefore were conceptually completely different compared to Chinese fortresses, which were based on an earth culture and built using bricks from earth.

Pagodas were created in India using earth, then in China using wood, which spread to the Three Kingdoms of Korea, and then Japan; however, the pagoda tradition of East Asia diverged, with China creating pagodas using bricks, Korea creating pagodas using stone, and Japan continuing to use wood.

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12 fullpage tipped-in plates and 3 text illustrations all in color.

One of the earliest records of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty in 1438 confirms growing mandarin orange trees in a traditional Korean greenhouse during the winter and installing an ondol system to provide heat.

The cheugugi was used throughout the country for official purposes.

Cal Tiles - sort of a funky looking site, but it includes archived photos of vintage California tile and other vintage tiles from various arts and crafts tile makers from early 1900s. Craftsman Bungalows : a collection of the latest designs dedicated to the lover of a convenient home (from Internet Archive), Jud Yoho (1912). Distinctive Homes of Moderate Cost; Being a Collection of Country and Suburban Homes in Good Taste, with some value in suggestion for the home-builder (from Internet Archive) by Saylor, Henry Hodgman (1911). Embroidery: a collection of articles on subjects connected with the study of fine needlework... Some nice needlework projects, several color photos. Furniture including Everything for the Home, Office and Hotel (from Internet Archive) by Chicago House Wrecking Company (1908). It has some great ideas for detached garage designs, especially mega-garages built by the super-rich in the period, i.e. General Plumbing Goods: Catalogue F (from Internet Archive) L. The Handicraft Book, comprising methods of teaching cord and raffia construction work, weaving, basketry and chair caning in graded schools (from Internet Archive) by Jessup, Anne Lowden, and Logue, Annie Elizabeth (1912). Hilger Bros.: Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums, Lace curtains, Mattings, Shades (from Internet Archive) by Higler Bros. Home Furniture Making: For Amateur Wood Workers, Manual Training Schools and Students (from Google books) (from Internet Archive), George Adolph Raeth (1910). The Home and Its Management: A Handbook in Homemaking, with 300 Inexpensive Cooking Receipts (from Internet Archive) (from Google books), Mabel Hyde Kittredge (1918). A woodwork sales brochure with some beautiful pictures. The House in Good Taste (from Internet Archive) by De Wolfe, Elsie (1914). 50 plans of model kitchen submitted by leading architectural architects and architectural draughtsmen in a competition.

Daily Bungalow's photostream - a large collection of scanned early 1900 articles, catalogs, etc. Nice bungalows designed for the North and East (i.e. A period book on decoration; has a chapter about portiéres (room door curtains). (from Internet Archive), Ira Samuel Griffith (1915). Handicraft for Handy Girls; practical plans for work and play (from Internet Archive) by Hall, A. Hand Made Furniture and How to Make It (from Internet Archive), Glidden, Albert G. Home Handicrafts, Needlework and Repairs (from Internet Archive) by University of Leeds Library (1900). This book also includes photos of actual interiors and they give more examples of rooms with unpainted woodwork. One Hundred Bungalows (from Google books), Building Brick Association of America (1910). Practical Bungalows and Cottages for Town and Country: perspective views and floor plans of 125 low and medium priced houses and bungalows (from Internet Archive) (from Google books), Frederick Thomas Hodgson (1906). The Home Beautiful (from Internet Archive) by Farley & Loetscher Mfg. The Homemaker: Her Science, with a Treatise on Home Etiquette (from Internet Archive), Carlotta Norton Smith (1905). The Kitchen Plan Book (from Internet Archive), Hoosier Manufacturing Co. (I actually paid real money for this book, before I discovered I could download it for free!

/ Intercultural Publications Inc.) 1954; 261 pp.; hardback. A mid-century collection of articles on contemporary 20th century American culture translated in Dutch; with essays on the visual arts (Robert Goldwater and Harold Rosenberg's famous 'The American Action Painters'), literary criricism, theatre and film, music, prose, poetry and philosophy. V.) 1999; 176 pp.; exhibition catalogue on the role Apollinaire played as speaker of the avantgarde; with texts in German and b/w and colour illustrations; softcover; 30 x 23 cm; NEW COPY Exh. Heino (Hannema-de Stuers Fundatie) 1999; 175 pp.; exhibition catalogue focusing on Apollinaire as critic and poet; with contributions in Dutch by various authors and b/w and colour illustrations; softcover; 30 x 23 cm; FINE COPY Haag (Verlag Gertrud Arntz-Winter) 1984; 158 pp.; follow-up of the volume published in the mid-seventies; text in German with a preface in German, English, French and Italian; only for sale as set with: Catalogue d'exposition au Musée du Petit Palais à Avignon, 1983.

567 (work by Victor Adam); listing of works (with prices) by artists amongst which Bresdin, Daubigny, Delacroix, Gavarni, Goya, J. de Zwart; with some b/w illustrations ; softcover; place and year of publication written on front cover; rare; 21 x 17 cm. cat.; Rolandseck (Stiftung Hans Arp und Sophie Taeuber-Arp e.

She visited my house and had started reading my blog and decided I was the one to help her with this house, so I said yes, I would.

And I told her I would blog about it, which she is excited about.

Garden Web Home Forums - one of the largest forums of home-related topics on the Internet. Bungalow Homes: the world's most popular plan book (from Internet Archive), L. Some introductory projects for beginning woodworkers. Book also includes several craftsman-style projects. Hopefully someday Sharon will be skilled enough to make some of the chair projects! Illustrated Booklet featuring Rugs, Draperies and Victrolas (from Internet Archive) by A. Illustrated Catalogue for 1909 (from Internet Archive) by Bigelow Carpet Company (1909). Interiors Beautiful and the Decoration of the Home (from Internet Archive) by M. My one criticism of the book is almost all the houses seemed to run on the side of "great" houses, i.e. Mueller tile: polychrome faience tile emblems, etc.

Whether you're a home buyer, an antique collector, or a renovator, here you will find like-minded people and friendly discussions. (More available from Antique Pattern Library.) LA County Museum of Art: Batchelder Tile Collection - some great examples Library of Congress photographs - some good photos if you're willing to take the time to do searches. Book of Home Building and Decoration (from Internet Archive) by Brown, Henry Collins and Lyman, Clara Brown (1912). Complete Catalog "Cochrane Products" (from Internet Archive), J. those with numerous huge rooms that most people couldn't afford.

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