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they are more confident, more secure with decent jobs.” Daly recalled how, decades ago, matches were often made out of necessity and “involved a very young woman with an older man” – something he wasn’t too comfortable with.

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“If I was really unlucky there would be the dreaded spare man for me to be set up with, then because the parents had to get up early for the kids the whole thing would be over by 10.15pm.” While doing a series of financial jobs while she was here Liz bemoaned the Belfast dating scene. “I met one guy online who told me was 46, 5ft 10ins and sent me a picture of a guy with dark hair.

Defeat that day arguably transformed Jim Gavin’s side into the resolutely disciplined and nigh unbeatable force they have become.

Victory that day marked the high-water mark for Donegal post the 2012-All-Ireland.

After half one or so they all look like Pamela Anderson.” He encouraged women to give quieter men a shot, noting: “A Casanova-type might be good with the first 100 words but not much after that, they might be looking for someone new.

A nice shy person can keep talking for the rest of their lives.” Daly doesn’t feel too threatened by online dating.

The agency was set up by Mary Mitchell in 2009, who told the court about how she screened people before matching couples.

Mc Brearty’s claims against the Happy Matchmaker dating agency were dismissed by Judge Kevin Kilrane.

However she alleged in Donegal District Court that the men had not been screened or vetted in any way and this led to her being “groped, assaulted and battered without lawful excuse”.

She was introduced to four men and described how one man became verbally aggressive and called her “a f****** bitch” while another asked her on the second date to spend a weekend with him.

His “magic book” was handed down to him from his father, who in turn received it from his own father.

“It’s a little different now, people are a little more fussier and women have got more independent ….

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