Dating antique desk

The writing surface is surrounded a band of mahogany with a 'thumb' moulded edge. These beautiful good quality pair of antique French armchairs date from circa 1860 and have recently been re-upholstered in a very good quality 'tapestry' fabric.

Inside the top drawer is the black and silver label of the Rockford Chair and Furniture Co. I have scoured the internet looking for information on this dresser and coming up empty-handed!Remove a drawer from the roll-top desk to see how it was put together.A dovetail joint resembles the triangle shape of a bird's tail and holds the boards together with cutouts in the wood that fit together snugly.All three locks are stamped and there is also a metal label on the inside of one of the drawers., Lebus, Inglesants (who also made good quality stacking bookcases) and Angus of London.Solid black walnut has a natural dark brown hue with attractive grains.Oak is easy to distinguish from mahogany, cherry or black walnut due to its golden-toned lighter hue.A precise and identical machine joint reveals a mass-produced desk, probably constructed a few years before to around the turn of the 19th century and later.Our antique office furniture is carefully selected for quality and serviceability, sympathetically restored it to bring back its beauty, then cleaned and polished .The kidney shape in furniture first began showing up in 18th century furniture of France and England.English kidney desks were popular into the early 19th century and then seemed to fade away for awhile.

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