Marriages in which one or both parties are Catholic and which are not witnessed by an authorized bishop, priest, or deacon, or which do not receive proper permission to take place in another forum, are considered invalid in the eyes of the Church.It may be that the Catholic who entered into marriage outside the Church did not realize that these requirements existed, but also, it may be because one or both of the spouses was not free to marry in the Catholic Church because of a previous marriage or because they were awaiting an annulment.It's important for the couple to work closely with their priest on completing the necessary paperwork well ahead of their anticipated convalidation ceremony.A Baptismal Certificate is required from both the husband and the wife.Completion of any testimonial or witness forms should be done in a timely manner.The couple should consult with the priest to see if he feels they need further counseling or can do so after a simple interview.


This process is usually not very difficult and opens the way for the couple to live their faith more fully.

A convalidation is not simply a renewal of the previous intention to marry but the creation of a valid marriage in the sight of the Christian community.

If you or your spouse have had a previous marriage bond, first seek information on the annulment process, or contact the parish to meet with a priest.

The Church's intention is to provide couples with a sufficient understanding of Catholic Christian marriage to enable them to enter into marriage with integrity and knowledge.

If you are interested in learning more, please call 510-893-4711 or see below for Convalidation Weekend Program dates.

This program is designed for those couples who are married civilly and now wish to marry in the Church.

Some couples, because of differences in religious background or, a sense of distance from the Church at the time of their marriage, or due to complicating family situations, were married civilly or in some other manner that did not meet the Catholic Church's legal requirements for a valid church marriage.

Transcript convalidation is the process of validating the classes you take in the U. In order for your academic work from your American high school to be valid in your home country, your Official Transcript of Grades must be authenticated (convalidated) by the U. Secretary of State and/or the Consulate General of your home country.

Before you begin your studies, you need to know about the convalidation process which must be completed, takes time to do and involves multiple steps and requires the help of your school and possibly also that of your host family or your Forte Local Representative.

You should address these issues with your guidance counselor or principal when you register for classes at the beginning of your exchange program.

If the school is unable or unwilling to change the course title, you may have to accept the fact that certain coursework may not transfer to your home country.

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