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These Ryan Gosling cuddle buddy pillows are the best.Ever dream of falling asleep next to the most perfect man in the world? One seller on Etsy is now offering life-sized Gosling body pillows for your enjoyment. Celebrate Valentine's Day with this Beyoncé-themed restaurant menu.

Though when questioned on whether he'd turn to hookup app Grindr for help, Clay immediately shut it down, telling them he's "not as much of a whore as people would like to think" he is."Here's the honest truth: When people 'friend' me … And then I'll look at the pictures and delete them." But if you play your cards right, you might just catch him on your lucky day and score a date, just like his last boyfriend."Who's your Hollywood crush? To everyone's surprise, Clay admitted: "You know what's crazy, Seth Mac Farlane is sort of my …

One Brooklyn restaurant is getting real gimmicky (or awesome...

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"That's how that one went down," Clay explained, referring to one of his last dates.(Peace and love, peace and love: DO NOT send Clay a friend request now - after today's interview he is no longer accepting Facebook friend requests for dates!

)But it must be hard to weed out the fame-seekers, right? "My bullshit detector is pretty fucking good," he exclaimed.

At most, he might get a few fabulous shopping sprees for clothes, and he might get to lease an upscale condo, but he ain't getting any property or large sums of cash.

Gayken is a rolling stone and will be on to the next piece of ass in less than a year. I hope Clay's new lover is smart enough to insist on condoms considering Clay's risky sexual history. They make a cute couple and it's rumored they've been dating for awhile. Wonder what they will do when Spamalot is over and Clay goes back to Raleigh? 22 issue of Star � on sale Wednesday � we report that along with his new baby and new life out of the closet, the former American Idol star has a new boyfriend to enjoy it with! Broadway dancer Reed Kelly."Everybody knows Reed as Clay's guy," a Broadway insider says of the Wicked ensemble member.

Current judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, and Keith Urban will likely not be returning.

CLICK HERE to see some NSFW photos of his new boyfriend, Jeff Walter, nekkid!

Clay Aiken is putting all his colors on display in a new image for his production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's biblical musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The photo, courtesy of the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine, features the American Idol alum dressed in a rainbow-colored coat (duh) and wearing what we hope is a long wig.

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