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And I think I'd Joseph he's going to be able to fill in some of those blanks for us you know he's he's obviously spent a lot of time researching bigfoot as well but it's these dog man sightings that.It's me and a few marriage we had a couple callers talking about how menacing now threatened they fail.

Tune in for FASCINATING Answers and insights to the energies of this moment!All of Jimmy's friends are busy trying to Overturn the Cosmic Order and bring Chaos to all of Existence. Jimmy once tried to reveal his True Form to a human. Jimmy once wrote a note in his native tongue and passed it under the Desk of Eternity to a human.Jimmy thinks that humans will play with him and his Red Ball. The human read it, tried to use some of the words to open a Gateway to the Nether Realm, went mad and died.Assume that individuals have different levels of resistance and that the more direct the form of interaction the less it will take before Badness happens to the Mere Mortals.Any method or methods that would reduce the incidence of people going mad and/or the risk of them causing harm to themselves or others will be considered. That's the joke and the number one she's like a horrible man you should have been there Tommy got all kind game but he got so Gagne could argue good evened things got it. The rest of the entire tour now if I had this begun yet.Organisations of humans or using technological solutions are allowed I'll be ranking the answers based on how well they enable Jimmy to play games (nice ones, obviously) with his new human friends, and how few casualties they're likely to cause.Clearly, humans can't handle direct contact with Jimmy, so what's needed is a layer of separation. We talked about the on yesterday's show that we've run up Kanye West and the fact that he had a meltdown on stage after playing only. There's opportunity for many many things to go wrong in this business what makes live event for what.

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