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When he’s talking to the players and he’s like ‘let’s go take two points off those pricks.’ That was great.”“You need the rivalries,” he continued. Yankees until we’re blue in the face, and I think hockey should do the same thing, too.”When it comes to “Around The Horn” and other shows, part of the problem with hockey talk is that not everyone can talk hockey.“On our show, and other shows, I think people follow hockey, but there aren’t a lot of people who followed it as a beat,” he said, adding that this doesn’t necessarily mean the topic can’t be debated.“I think we hit on hockey when it’s a topical issue that has transcended the sport.There are about 100 people online all the time (this because of the differences in timezone).We don't allow people to stream porn videos or other fake stuff.

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Like, I’m not on the show today, but I will guarantee you that that the [Micheal Haley] punch and Sidney Crosby losing a couple teeth, I’m going to bet you those make it,” he said.

“That’s what, as a fan, made me fall absolutely in love with Bruce Boudreau.

I realize I'm late to this discussion, but when I click on the URL supplied in the original post ( ) all that happens is that a random video's URL opens in a new tab or window.

If I paste that URL into my browser manually, it automatically re-directs to a random video.

Like, we’ll talk about a 1-0 baseball game.”The full interview with Blackistone begins at the 32-minute mark here:(WARNING: STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE AND HUMOR.


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