Cameroon dating scammer

Every day there’s a new service, a new app, or a new trend that has the power to change the way we live.

That’s what makes the web so revolutionary – it’s constant ability to evolve. It seems not a day goes by that we don’t read about some form of Internet fraud.

Do you really think that any small scale miner needs you outside, out there, in the foreign country to sell to you, when he can sell it locally?

4)FACT NUMBER FOUR: Spot prices are available in each of the African countries.

Yes, gold may be sold locally everywhere in Mali, Ghana, Sierra Leona, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Congo and many other African countries.

This alone shall appeal to your common sense, and if there is any gold trade deal out there that might be genuine, it shall be very well justified to go around this fact.

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Those delivered by email are disgusting in the extreme.They wrote profiles that seemed absolutely perfect.It was pretty easy to see a match and identify him or her as too good to be true.Surveillance is very expensive both in dollars and manpower.Local law enforcement knows that the likelihood of Nigerian threats being carried out is very, very slim (see below), whereas being needed elsewhere is a certainty.However an obvious con man is out of the business very quickly, so their tactics have improved.Here is a list of some of the “new and improved” ways con men are trying to get your attention. Con men look more average than ever Con men now use very average photos in their profiles.If you happen to see real gold and touch it, chances are big that you are never going to take it out of the country, as the scam is better than your qualification to buy it. FACT NUMBER TWO: There are big chances that you are not qualified to recognize if such deal is real or fake and thus you are luring other genuine people, buyers and intermediaries into believing that there is some gold cheap out there, however, what you do in reality, you are perpetrating fraud yourself and inciting and supporting criminal enterprise.3)FACT NUMBER THREE: A local gold miner has local gold buyers where he sells the gold and that was the main reason for the small scale miners to open up a gold mine in the first place.To do this, tell them you want to file a "General Report" unless they suggest a different type of report.Please do not expect the officers to mount a surveillance for your protection.

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