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Fortunately, you can sync your Black Berry over the air (OTA), without a computer or any cables, so that any changes you make to your contacts when you're on the go will automatically appear in your Gmail account, and vice versa.

If you use Gmail, the built-in contact manager is extremely useful because it's used by other Google apps like Google Docs and is accessible from any computer through your Gmail account.

On October 26, 2015, Black Berry announced that there are no plans to release new APIs and software development kits (SDKs) or adopt Qt version 5.

Future updates, like versions 10.3.3 and 10.3.4, would focus on security and privacy enhancements only.

To export contacts from the phone please use following screenshot guide.

The first thing you will need is to install Black Berry Desktop, which is available as a free download for both PC and Mac.

Subsequently, Black Berry stated when releasing their Q1 2014 financial results that the Black Berry Play Book would not be receiving an update to Black Berry 10, citing that the hardware would not provide a good experience of Black Berry 10 and are focusing on future devices.

Black Berry has continued to support and develop the Play Book with its separate Tablet OS. This brought improvements to many features requested by users.

You should see an error message stating "No applications configured for synchronization" if you haven't already set anything to sync.

After clicking okay (and entering your password if one exists), click Synchronize.

The Active Sync protocol implementation in Black Berry 10 does not enable changes to the contacts which are already in the phone.

So the following guideline cannot be used for exporting contacts into the phone.

For this example, I will choose Contacts only, but you also have the option to the calendar, memo pad and tasks. You can choose to sync more items or click OK if you're done.

Having your contacts with you at all times is important, but you may not always have the time or ability to do a physical synchronization with your PC.

The operating system was originally called BBX, but this was changed when Black Berry was blocked from using the BBX trademark after legal action from BASIS International, who already used it for their software.

The operating system, as well as two devices, the Z10 (a full touchscreen device), and the Q10 (a device equipped with a physical keyboard), were announced simultaneously around the world on January 30, 2013.

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