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We find ourselves thrown here,, confronted with our own free will, and our choices must be made against a background of facts that we cannot change, such as the biological sex into which we have been born. While it is clear that only women can bear children, the implications of this are quite undetermined and the current social division of labour is only one of a variety of possible social arrangements available to us.

Back in 2006, I went on an LGBT family cruise to Alaska with my then-kinda-girlfriend — it wasn’t something I would’ve sought out on my own, but she was performing on the cruise and I was in an excellent position to be her 1.

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The English meal of sausages and mashed potato is traditionally called bangers and mash.

Originally an amputee, especially a soldier, who had lost all four limbs, coined during the First World War.

From the misconception that all gay males will endevour, or want to have anal intercourse with any male.

A suffix that emphasises the essential undesirable nature of a person in perjorative nouns such as 'tossbag', 'shitbag', 'ratbag' etc.

E.g."I'll bang those in an envelope and send them off first post in the morning." Noun.

To put or place, the implication being with nonchalence.

When you’re waking up, getting dressed, eating meals, invading small tourist towns, going to bed, laughing at comedians and hanging out with other queers 24/7 for an entire week, your entire worldview can shift just like that.

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The sacred institution of marriage was a human invention, but it sustained “God’s” intentions.

Some stubborn feminists refused to go along with this kind of “naturalisation” of patriarchy and its concomitant biological determinism, instead seeing the explanation for male domination in social, cultural, theological, academic and economic institutions.

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