Boston dating ideas


This short, romantic boat trip features absolutely stunning views of the Boston Waterfront.

At the other end, walk through a real, working commercial shipyard to KO Pies at the Shipyard, a rare outpost of Australian cuisine in Boston.

Check out college-crowd favorites like the Beacon Hill Pub in Beacon Hill, and the Model Cafe in Allston, near Boston University.

Students and non-students alike can turn school events into fantastic dates.

The North End, the center of Boston’s Italian community, houses the two best places to get a cannoli: Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry.

Take a night to try them both and decide which you and your date prefer.

Take it to the East Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina (Stop #68), and tell the captain you’re headed to KO Pies; you’ll get a nice discount off the fare.The Boston dating scene is vibrant and varied - once you've met your match through us, be sure to check out one of our 12 favorite places in the city...Skip the movies and go to a different kind of theater.Each class can get packed up pretty quickly, but this provides a great reason to cozy up next to your date and feed off of each other’s creativity.Don’t worry if the thought of drawing anything beyond stick figures secretly terrifies you; the instructors make things easy for everyone.Oh, and also, did we mention that there’s a full bar here, as well?For a few years now, Boston has been ranked among the best cities in the nation for singles.For a taste of Italy, stroll down Hanover Street and visit Mike’s Pastry for fresh cannoli.Be greeted by cheery Irish accents at Kitty O’Shea’s and Ned Divine’s located at Faneuil Hall, or experience a hodgepodge of traditions in Jamaica Plain. Whether it be on Boston Harbor with Mass Bay Lines or on land throughout the Greenway, Boston offers a range of date possibilities that you can take advantage of this fall!For those of you with an opera bug: Boston’s own Cerise Lim Jacobs created the Ouroboros Trilogy, three grand operas that explore the interconnected themes of life, death and rebirth.

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