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Once you have visited Puerto Galera you will probably want to buy a power boat or a speed boat or find some island property for sale or maybe a luxury condominium; click one of these links to hop on over to the best website classified ads section in the Philippines.There are a total of two webcams around Puerto Galera - this one plus one more, strategically located at another beach resort around Puerto Galera's peninsular beaches. Or check out all the webcams for a complete Philippines webcam experience.630-340 VATROGASCI / FIRE BRIGADE FEUERWEHR / POMPIERI / SERVICE D' INCENDIE..........................fax. 717-195 E-mail: [email protected] / CAMPING SITES / CAMPEGGIO / CAMPS ALOA, Vranina-Murvica.................................................. Domobrana 1......................................................................... 635-783 GRADELE, Bračka cesta 10............................................................................ 635-966 MARIJA, Uz poljanu 18................................................................................... 635-582 AMBULANTA / MEDICAL CLINIC AMBULANT / AMBULATORIO / ASSISTANCE MEDICALE................... LJEKARNA / PHARMACY / APOTEKE – FARMACIA - PHARMACIE Ljekarna »Škoko«, Porat bolskih pomoraca b.b., tel............................................... 642-049 E-mail: [email protected] Frane Radića 16........................................................... tel.635-367, mob.098/177-6484 e-mail: [email protected] Put Podkaštilja b.b............................................................................ 635-293 e-mail: [email protected] Bračka cesta b.b..................................................................... Our activities related to technical information include a large number of reports resulting form our independent peer reviews, independent scientific assessments, numerous other publications and regularly published information . Use the tabs on the left to display information about the location in the feed you are currently viewing.

This is where many of the "banka ferries" (outrigger boats) arrive, bringing local & international tourists to Puerto Galera's luxury beach resorts and resort hotels for sailing & scuba diving in one of the Most Beautiful Bays In The World.LTD)[a][l 720-19851985 (1984)(Mastertronic LTD)[a][l Burner]1985 (1984)(Mastertronic LTD)[a][l Visiload]1985 (1984)(Mastertronic LTD)[l Burner]1985 - The Day After19941994 - Ten Years After (1984)(Visions Software Factory)3 Deep Space3-D Glooper3D Construction Kit - Condition Editor3D Construction Kit - Data3D Construction Kit - Environment Editor3D Construction Kit - Freescape Compiler3D Lunattack3D Lunattack (1984)(Hewson Consultants LTD)[l C64 ROM Tape]3D Pinball - Pinball Power3D Pool3D Pool (1989)(Firebird Software LTD)[l Cyberload]3D Pool (Kixx)3D Stock Cars II3D Tanx3D Tanx (1983)(DK'Tronics)3D Time Trek4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 1 of 3)[a][l V4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 1 of 3)[b][l V4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 1 of 3)[l Visi4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 2 of 3)[a][l V4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 2 of 3)[b][l V4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 2 of 3)[l Visi4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 3 of 3)[a][l V4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 3 of 3)[b][l V4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)(Tape 3 of 3)[l Visi4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Code Masters)[a][l Visiload T1]4th & (1987)(Accolade Inc)[l]4th & Inches4x4 Off-Road Racer (Kixx)4x4 Off-Road Racing (1988)(Epyx Inc.)[a][l]4x4 Off-Road Racing (1988)(Epyx Inc.)[l]500cc Grand Prix (1987)(Microids)[l Turbo Tape 250]500cc Motomanager (1992)(Simulmondo)(Side A)[l]500cc Motomanager (1992)(Simulmondo)(Side B)[l]5th Gear (1988)(Rack-It)[l Binary Design]720 Degrees720 Degrees (1987)(US Gold LTD)[a][l 720-US Gold Tape]720 Degrees (1987)(US Gold LTD)[b][l 720-US Gold Tape]720 Degrees (1987)(US Gold LTD)[l]A Question Of Sport A-Team, The (1985)(Courbois Software)A. ]Ballblazer (1985)(Lucasfilm Games)[a][l Novaload Special]Ballblazer (1985)(Lucasfilm Games)[o][l Novaload Special]Ballistix Ballistix (1989)(Psygnosis)[a][l C64 ROM Tape]Ballistix (1989)(Psygnosis)[l C64 ROM Tape]Balloon Rescue (1983)(Alligata Software LTD)Baloncesto (1985)(Commodore Busines Machine LTD)(Sp)[a][l No Baloncesto (1985)(Commodore Busines Machine LTD)(Sp)[l Noval Banana Drama Banana Drama (1983)(Visions Software Factory)Bandana City Bandana City (1984)(Interceptor Micro's)Bangers & Mash Bangkok Knights (1987)(System 3 Software LTD)(Side A)[a][l CBangkok Knights (1987)(System 3 Software LTD)(Side B)[a][l CBangkok Knights Side 1Bangkok Knights Side 2Barbarian Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)[l Invade-A-Load! - Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)Aaargh! 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L.)Blade Runner (19xx)(Wizardsoft)Blagger Blagger (1983)(Alligata Software LTD)[l CHR]Blagger Goes To Hollywood Blagger Goes to Hollywood (1984)(Alligata Software LTD)[a][l Blagger Goes to Hollywood (1984)(Alligata Software LTD)[l CHBlagger Goes to Hollywood (1984)(Alligata Software LTD)[u][l Blasteroids Blasteroids (1988)(Image Works)[l 720-US Gold Tape]Blasteroids (1988)(Image Works)[l]Blaze Out (1989)(Ocean Software LTD)Blazing Thunder Blinky's Scary School Blip! - Video Classics (1988)(Silverbird)[a]Block Busters (1988)(Macsen Software)[a][l Novaload Special]Block Busters (1988)(Macsen Software)[l Novaload Special]Block Busters (TV Games)Block Busters - All New (1988)(Macsen Software)[l]Blockie (19xx)(PD)Blockie (19xx)(PD)[a]Blockie (19xx)(PD)[b]Blood Money Bloodwych Side 1Bloodwych Side 2Blue Angel 69 (1989)(Micro-Partner)Blue Angel 69 (1989)(Micro-Partner)[a]Blue Baron Blue Max Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)(Sp)[l]Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)[a][l Novaload Special]Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)[a][l Novaload][Intro Name Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)[l Novaload Special]Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)[u][l Novaload]Blue Max 2001Blue Moon Blue Thunder Blue Thunder (1984)(Richard Wilcox Software)[a][l Novaload]Blue Thunder (1984)(Richard Wilcox Software)[l]Blues Brothers, The (1991)(Titus Software)Blues Brothers, The (1991)(Titus Software)[a]BMX Freestyle BMX Freestyle Simulator (1989)(Code Masters)[a][l Visiload]BMX Kidz BMX Kidz (1987)(Firebird Software LTD)[a][l Cyberload]BMX Kidz (1987)(Firebird Software LTD)[l Cyberload]BMX Ninja BMX Ninja (1988)(Alternative Software LTD)[l CHR]BMX Racers BMX Racers (1985)(Mastertronic LTD)[a][l Burner]BMX Racers (1985)(Mastertronic LTD)[a][l Visiload]BMX Racers (1985)(Mastertronic LTD)[u][l Burner]BMX Simulator BMX Simulator (1986)(Code Masters)[a][l Visiload T1]BMX Simulator 2 (Expert)BMX Simulator 2 (Standard)BMX Simulator II - Dirty Biking - Standard Version (1989)(Co BMX Simulator II - Quarry Racing - Expert Version (1989)(Cod BMX Trials BMX Trials (1985)(Mastertronic LTD)[a][l Visiload]BMX Trials (1985)(Mastertronic LTD)[u]Bobby Bearing Bobby Bearing (1986)(The Edge Software)[a][l Novaload]Bobo (19xx)(Infogrames)[a][l Freeload]Bobo (19xx)(Infogrames)[l Freeload]Bomb Fusion Bomb Uzall (1988)(Mirrorsoft LTD)[a][l Wildload]Bombjack Bombjack (1986)(Elite Systems LTD)[a][l Novaload Special]Bombjack (1986)(Elite Systems LTD)[u]Bombjack IIBombjack II (1986)(Elite Systems LTD)[a][l Novaload]Bombo Bombo (1986)(Rino Marketing)Bombuzal Bonanza Bros (1992)(Sega)(Side A)Bonanza Bros (1992)(Sega)(Side B)Bonanza Bros Side 1Bonanza Bros Side 2Bone Cruncher Bonka Bonzo Booga-Boo The Flea Booga-Boo The Flea (1983)(Quicksilva LTD)[l C64 ROM Tape]Bootleg Bandits Bootleg Bandits (1984)(Scorpio Gamesworld)Booty Booty (1984)(Firebird Software LTD)[a][l Visiload]Booty (1984)(Firebird Software LTD)[o][l Visiload]Booty (1984)(Firebird Software LTD)[u][l Visiload]Bosconian 87Boss, The (1985)(Peak Soft)[a][l C64 ROM Tape]Boulder Dash Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software Inc.)[a][l Burner]Boulder Dash - Construction Kit (1986)(First Star Software 2Boulder Dash - Construction Kit (1986)(First Star Software 3Boulder Dash - Construction Kit (1986)(First Star Software 4Boulder Dash - Construction Kit (1986)(First Star Software IBoulder Dash Construction Kit Side 1Boulder Dash Construction Kit Side 2Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Revenge (1985)(First Star Soft2Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Revenge (1985)(First Star Soft3Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Revenge (1985)(First Star Softw Boulder Dash III (1984)(First Star Software Inc.)Boulderdash 2 - Rockford's Revenge (Prism Leisure)Boulderdash 4 - Side A (Hi-Tec)Boulderdash 4 - Side B (Hi-Tec)Bounces Bouncing Heads Bouncing Heads (1991)(Zeppelin Games)Bounder (1985-1986)(Gremlin Graphics LTD)[a][l Anirog Tape]Bounder (1985-1986)(Gremlin Graphics LTD)[l ACE of ACES]Bounder (1985-1986)(Gremlin Graphics LTD)[l Anirog Tape]Bounder (Boots Compendium)Bounder - Side 1Bounder - Side 2Bounty Bob Strikes Back Bounty Bob Strikes Back! 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The Institute for Regulatory Science (RSI) is dedicated to the idea that societal decisions and public communications must be based on Best Available Science and Metrics for Evaluation of Scientific Claims derived from it (BAS/MESC).Activities of RSI are principally performed through its Centers.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.Here also, cruising yachts and luxury super yachts come from across the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippine Sea to stay for short or long sojourns at our friendly, safe anchorage.In addition to sailing & scuba diving you can enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, kite-boarding, snorkeling, hiking, jet-skiing, sport fishing, range shooting, golf, battlefield games and paint-ball competitions, and of course you can eat & drink some of the most delicious tropical creations known to man.

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