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However the online dating industry has not yet learned to adapt to peoples wishes, and if a dating website spreads out a little further than a local area, it will charge US Dollars or more for a monthly subscription.However this tendency has now been broken, as a new player on the online dating market dares to differentiate, to fulfill people's wishes.Because of this though, most blending cups cater for one or two people max, so if you’re blending for the whole family this may not be the quickest option for you.We tested bullet blenders on how quickly they crushed fruit, tough veg and ice (if at all), how easy they are to clean and use, and whether they come with useful accessories or extra settings.It’s incredibly versatile but also easy to use – all you have to do is switch attachments, which is a simple procedure.The blender is also really powerful and had no problems powering through frozen fruit to make a smoothie or chunky veg to create a velvety soup.Swiping through a smorgasbord of faces and clicking ‘like’ or ‘pass’ pretty much distills this type of online dating down to one thing: looks. Downsides It’s fairly new so there aren’t heaps of matches on there.But, if you’re a FB tragic looking for a bit of fun, this app could be the ticket. Fancied (i Phone, Android coming)How it works It offers two match options – ‘fancying’ someone’s profile, or checking in at a nearby hot spot to fancy others anonymously.

Smoothies can be created in a few minutes – that includes everything from chucking the ingredients in the cup, blending and doing the washing up, with most models coming with additional sip-lids so you can drink them on-the-go.By making endless soups, smoothies, dips and sauces, we tested over a dozen hand blenders to find the very best of the bunch. Kenwood Triblade System Pro Hand Blender: £129.99, John Lewis With six different attachments, there’s very little this blender can’t do.It can also be a masher, a whisk, a chopper and a grinder."People should not limit their search for 'the one' to their local area," says Paul Sanderson CEO, Singles is a relatively new face on Dating Market, but true to Singles style they have mixed cutting edge technology, social networking methods and easy to use interfaces creating a total user experience that the bigger players in the market cannot match.Lots come with mini food processor and whisk attachments too, which while giving you multiple appliances in one, are also not as dinky as you might want.A decent blender should be powerful, not too loud and tidy too – a lot of the ones out there spray food and drink up the walls of your kitchen and are so loud they’d wake your neighbours, let alone your family and housemates.Hand blenders take up less space in your kitchen, create less washing up and mean there's no food wastage – it’s always a pain not being able to get the final dregs out of a jug blender.But a lot of today's hand blenders are much more than just a stick.Although slightly bigger than other models, the base unit is strong and sturdy, with super-sticky pads on the bottom.You get two large cups (930ml and 820ml) – one is insulated to keep your drink cool and the large cup sizes mean the Nutri Bullet is ideal if you’re blending for a family.

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