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The Battlefield 2142 DVD uses Safe Disc v4 disc check. The game should run without a no-DVD crack - but will require your disc to be in the drive and mounted.

If you subsequently patch Battlefield 2142 to version 1.51 this disc check will be removed.

In this section I provide full descriptions for Battlefield 2142's in-game settings, and where possible I provide general recommendations.

I note the general performance impact of each setting, although bear in mind that it is impossible for me to give exact performance impacts - it all depends on your specific hardware combination and your other game and system-wide settings.

Player Accounts Before you can access the in-game settings or play BF2142 you will need to create or login to an existing account first.

An account is not the same as a soldier, read on to see the difference.

If you wish these details to be kept in BF2142 and hence not have to enter them again each time you reach this screen, click the 'Remember Me' box so a bright 'X' appears.

If you want to create a new EA Account, you will have to click the 'Create New Account' button and follow the instructions on the next screen to do so.

Battlefield 2142 is set in an "ice age" period of the Earth in the 22nd century (near the midpoint of that time period), where the PAC (Pan-Asian Coalition) and EU (European Union) forces fight for the remaining pieces of habitable land in North Africa and the Middle East that the ice age has not devoured in a conflict known as The Cold War.

Well, the game works fine, I copy the Battlefield CD to my wineprefix folder as i do in every game and start the installer with the WINEDEBUG="fixme-all" option, i have to set a Virtual Desktop to play the game, in fullscreen mode the game's crash after open.

My Config: AMD Phenom II x4 2.8GHz, Ge Force GTX460 Wine 1.3.11, Debian Squeeze, Nvidia Driver 2 Battlefield 2142 should now be installed successfully (hopefully).

But when you do select no when the game offers to connect to the master account here: into your desktop or wherever is easiest, then move the Battlefield 2142 folder to your ' My Documents' folder.

Game Ranger issues Note: Game Ranger will disable the ability to play singleplayer, because it's backs up the existing profile and makes a custom one.

Various community supported efforts have sprung up to provide alternative Master Servers for the various games affected by the server shutdown.

Detailed below are installation instructions for various alternatives - to use in place of the original Gamespy Master Servers.

wine ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Explorer" "/v" "Desktop" "/t" "REG_SZ" "/d" "Default" wine ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Explorer\Desktops" "/v" "Default" "/t" "REG_SZ" "/d" "1920x1080"Gamespy, which provided the Master Servers for many games, including Battlefield 2142, was officially shutdown in May 2014.

See Gamespy Wikipedia for more information about this.

Battlefield 2142 originally featured a total of ten maps in the base game but later patches eventually increased this to seventeen.

Maps take place in notable areas around the world that have been drastically changed by the new ice age, with some maps returning from past installments.

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