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President Barrow has a long way to go to be able to repair the damage done by the Jammeh regime," said Amat Jeng, a shop owner.

"Without unity, we will not be able to move Gambia forward."Officials with a West African regional military force of about 2,500 that secured Gambia for Barrow's arrival — and had been poised to oust Jammeh if diplomatic efforts failed — said the force will reduce its presence gradually.

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Jammeh's declaration was not to ally the country with the jihadist organization known as Isis.That suggests Jammeh will stay in power beyond Thursday, when Barrow was due to have been sworn in as president.Regional leaders have threatened to intervene militarily if Jammeh does not step down and on Tuesday a senior Nigerian army source said Nigeria and other West African states were preparing a military force. hereby declare a state of public emergency throughout the Islamic Republic of Gambia,’ Jammeh’s declaration said.Thomas Cook is implementing contingency plans to bring back nearly 1,000 UK customers from Gambia.following a change in Foreign Office advice due to political unrest.A billboard calling for the inauguration of Adam Barrow as president in Feb.18 is set on the side of a road in Serrukunda, Gambia, Friday Jan. Hundreds of thousands turned out Thursday to greet President Adama Barrow, a week after he took the oath of office in neighboring Senegal.Again, finding a belle of your kind is really a tough hurdle to jump on.Give us a call now or contact us through our contact us page and book that special date with one of our exclusive escorts.He said the rights of Gambia's Christian community will be respected."We will be an Islamic state that would respect the rights of all citizens and non-citizens." The head of the country's Islamic body wouldn't say if he endorsed the declaration.

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