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And I don’t get that many offers from America…” She scrunches up her button nose and smiles cheekily.

Her character’s husband has to embark on a series of increasingly crazy jobs to buy the flowers that he has been told will keep her alive, and as her health fades, so does the colour on the screen.

Best known for being the Stuff magazine's 102 Sexiest Women in the World, Audrey Tautou is an actress from France.

It’s sincerely one of my most beautiful experiences and I think it’s one of the most beautiful parts I’ve ever had.She has also established herself as a fashion model.Five feet and three inches tall, Audrey Tautou was born as Audrey Justine Tautou in the mid 1970s in Beaumont, Puy-de-Dôme, France to French parents. On the big screen though, perhaps the most highly anticipated Chanel is the Audrey Tautou version Coco Avant Chanel – first stills from the film are attached. Apparently Shirley Mac Laine played her in a tv movie this year and was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance…?In his review of the movie, A Closer Walk, Jack Garner, Chief Film Critic of the Gannett News Service stated: "This is an artful motion picture and a beautifully told story of human suffering that inspires hope and action.This film rates a '10', a must-see film if ever there was one." Robert Butler of the Kansas City star wrote in his review of A Closer Walk: "This is one of the most artful, heartrending and inspirational documentaries I have ever seen. Its real power comes from the way the filmmaker understands human psychology." A Closer Walk, written, directed, and produced by Oscar nominee Robert Bilheimer, with narration by Glenn Close and Will Smith, explores intricate and entangled relationship between health, dignity and human rights.It is a movie about the crises we face as we hurtle towards 40, and Tautou’s character, a harassed single mother of two, is desperate for the leading man, an ex-boyfriend, to get back together with her.“But there is no spark,” he tells her, as they lie in bed after an earth-shattering sex session in which she has urged him to, “Go deeper!And I can say it because I heard it said by Annie Miller, his wife, but he passed away a few hours after [Cannes’ artistic director] Thierry Frémaux had told him the film would go to Cannes. I don’t think they give special treatment to French actors.Do you think there are far less interesting roles for women in the film industry generally? It’s not easy or common to find very interesting and central female parts.

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