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by Astrology Detective This is an extremely low-key week with nothing major going on other than the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday.

On the same day, however, Venus squares Pluto, and domineering control freaks can run roughshod over more sensitive types.

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Libra possesses incredible social skills and is highly diplomatic.

Conflict could have erupted with a sibling or close friend. Maybe it was a deeper resentment that never got addressed.

It could as easily have been something petty that you need to leave behind already.

Aquarius signs are attracted to and usually surrounded by unusual and unique people. These lovers like creativity and novelty in the bedroom.

They will nurture and love Libra while enjoying a natural mental connection. Both the Libra and Aquarius lover will lead the way in the bedroom, but Libra is usually the most aggressive.

If you love free-spirited souls, dating Aquarius women will bring you joy.

The Air of Aquarius can be like the winds after a lightning strike.

Large amounts of air are moved around suddenly in such a storm, and that which survives this intensity gets to enjoy the calm after the storm.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water-bearer, symbolizing community and mankind.

The waters of life flow like ideas coming from the unrestrained mind.

Because you seek so much knowledge about yourself and the world at large, that knowledge can get in the way of your own happiness. First, you must learn how to separate your crazy notions from what is important.

And second, you need to learn how to respond to the opposition you encounter without making it difficult for yourself.

Your friends are very important to you and you might be involved with groups of like-minded people in a social club, a political action group or public service group.

Your motto could be "Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." And yours is a great spirit, sometimes erratic and sometimes brilliant.

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