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Nearby small restaurants and cafes are full of people.

Around Leidseplein you will find the Stadsschouwburg (City theatre) and other theatres, lots of cafes, restaurants, cinemas, the casino, the Lido theatre with live entertainment and the famed cultural and music centers, Sugar Factory, Paradiso and Melkweg offering a varied music program: rock, pop, dance, rap and world music, including big-name bands.

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They are “throwing everything they can find at people who are taking photographs.” Luhrs said.

In some situations, a tuberculosis screening test may be required in order to complete immigration procedures, as mandated by the IND depending upon the country you are moving from (click here for a list of the countries whose nationals are exempt from the tuberculosis screening obligation).

Tuberculosis screenings for immigrants typically take place between and on Monday or Tuesday.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is, perhaps, the most well-known part of town and one that most people know about long before they make their trip to the Netherlands.

Many of the stereotypes about this part of town are true.

Very little is left to the imagination in the Red Light District with plenty of brothels, peep shows, sex shops, prostitutes and condom shops on the strip.

However, the district is so much more than this and also has many cultural highlights.

For highly skilled migrants who are referred by the Expatcenter, GGD Amsterdam also offers the possibility to schedule an appointment for a consultation on Thursdays.

The registration form for Expatcenter referrals is available in English on the Public Health Service's tuberculosis screening page or call 020-555 5240 for more information (Mon-Fri -).

An important small street traditionally attracting theater crowd is Nes (parallel to Rokin).

Nearby cafes try to attract this intellectual crowd.

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