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And making the most of her stunning features, she rocked a vampy bold red lip and accentuated her famous two tone eyes with lashings of mascara.

Twirling her gorgeous gown for the cameras, her look was complete.

The American actress, 34, stunned in a fairytale dress, showcasing her fabulous figure.

Featuring a low-cut neckline it showcased a glimpse of her curves and toned arms.

BUTLER: Me neither, but our bass player can predict people’s signs just by meeting them for the first time. We spent two days dancing to Zydeco music, eating fried alligator . BUTLER: When was the first time you came to the States? My father is an actor [Stellan Skarsgård], and he would work on movies. Then I got back to Sweden in September to go back to school, and I was so proud of my cowboy boots.

Most of my friends didn't do military service.

Skarsgård’s Northman is by turns complex and mercurial, a pansexual opportunist—humans, vampires, men, women, one Estonian cardiologist-turned-pole dancer, and a fairy have each whet his appetite in turn—whose club, Fangtasia (complete with its underground restraint chamber), is a popular local pickup spot for interspecies trysts, and has become a metaphorical safe space for the fanged-and-forever-not-so-young. They dress up in medieval clothes and do battle with each other.

Though Skarsgård appeared briefly as a male model undone by an errant cigarette in as a U. Marine sergeant heading up a battalion during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It’s like the most quintessentially Montréal thing I’ve ever seen—super-sweet and kind of embarrassing. You can put on your full vampire regalia, and then we can do a vampire attack on the medieval fighters. I think the writing on the show is so good that it keeps me interested.

But they spent those 15 months hanging out drinking and smoking pot. I wanted to see what it would do to me to go through all of this." During his 15 months in the marines, he trained in hand-to-hand combat, small-squad battle tactics and anti-sabotage attacks. "A lot of the guys I served with wanted to be James Bond, whereas I was a hippie.

The reason I did it — I was 19 and grew up in downtown Stockholm. But it was good for me."After his stint in the military, Skarsgard and a friend decided to enroll at Leeds Metropolitan University in England.

Il a également deux demi-frères nés du remariage de son père.

Enfant acteur dans les années 1980, il devient une star à 13 ans, pour son rôle dans The Dog That Smiled.

became a surprise hit and made the young actor, still only 13 years old, a national celebrity.

Unlike most teenage boys who would be thrilled to become famous, Skarsgard was put off. "When people stare at you and you read about yourself in papers — at 13 it just got very confusing.

Ne se sentant pas aux prises avec cette célébrité arrivée trop tôt, il décide d'étudier les sciences politiques. Il fait aussi son service militaire pendant , il rejette toutes propositions de rôle, mais en 1997, sa passion pour la comédie se fait de plus en plus ressentir et il intègre ainsi l'école d'art dramatique Marymount Theatre School à New York.

Deux années après, il retourne en Suède où il décroche plusieurs rôles dans des séries et films suédois de bonne notoriété.

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