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Maybe, the vagaries of love are too complex to contain in any one book.

It was also originally in French (√Čloge de l'amour, published in 2009 by Flammarion, in hardcover) so something might have been added, lost, or reimagined in the English translation (2012).

And that probably means, as the poet Rimbaud said, that it also needs re-inventing.Advance acclaim for In Praise of Love:"Finally, the cure for the pornographic, utilitarian exchange of favors to which love has been reduced in America.Alain Badiou is our philosopher of love."— Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas Professor at The New School for Social Research, author of The Faith of the Faithless"Elegant and deeply human, In Praise of Love is a conversational but erudite retort to the antiseptic promises of online dating sites for 'safe love' without risk, the romantic notion that love is the ecstatic melding of two into one, and the philosophical skepticism that love is little more than a cover story for sexual lust."— Pamela Haag, Ph.Risk and adventure must be re-invented against safety and comfort." (recently released in English translation), the eminent French philosopher and political radical Alain Badiou begins with an attempt to seduce us.His book promises something new, a re-invention of love as an act of daring and adventure to rescue it from liberals, libertines and the operators of computer dating sites alike.By the end of this short book however (which is made up of interviews with journalist Nicolas Truong) we feel the lover's abandonment of promises not fulfilled.Badiou's new definition of love, which is at the heart of the book, sounds like something very old, although stated in a novel way., Athens, Attica, Greece --- Greek Prime Minister and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, at the Presidential palace during the swearing in ceremony of the new Greek Government.In Athens on January 27, 2015 --- Image by ¬© Panayiotis Tzamaros/Nur Photo/Corbis contributor Stathis Kouvelakis.Don't all those add to Monsieur Badiou's credibility as an authority on love?In any case, I had to read this profound little book, dense with meaning and implications in its 90 pages.

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