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Who that person is will vary with a somewhat complicated seating hierarchy (when you bought your ticket, when you checked in, etc., are among the variables). But not a problem serious enough to justify calling the police and pulling a man from his seat and down the aisle.

To avoid it coming to this, carriers will offer a reward, usually in the form of a travel voucher, in exchange for a seat, and usually with the guarantee of a seat on a flight later that day. Whether or not the man, upon being asked to deplane, became obstinate or belligerent or anything else does not matter; it never should have come to this point in the first place.

(This strike has been cancelled Italian air traffic controllers strike is planned for Sunday, May 28, 2017. It's possible strike action could be deferred yet again.

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The airline's statement sought to reassure customers its business model is sound, but offered few details as to what would happen to ticket holders who could be affected by the dispute.UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN living in a hole over the past couple of weeks, you’ve seen or heard (and maybe, like me, grown very tired of) the story about the passenger being forcibly removed from an overbooked United Express regional jet in Chicago.The accompanying video is a little disturbing to watch. Not all flights are routinely overbooked, and for those that are, it’s done in accordance with tracked data that predicts how many people with reservations are actually going to show up.How hard can it be to fly around the world, indulging in drinks at hotel bars with fellow crew members?And why does their schedule always have to be so complicated? She says it's hard for outsiders to understand what pilots go through. Most airline pilots wouldn't trade their job for anything.After all, it beats sitting behind a desk, and it comes with a fantastic view along with many other benefits. It can be difficult for a pilot's family and friends to understand what, exactly, they are up against while they're in training or on trips.Alitalia pilot strike, nationwide strike, Thursday, 22 September, 2016 for 24 hours. Extra staff will be in place at Rome and Milan airports.Alitalia will have a contingency plan in place for you. You can postpone your flight free of charge till November 30th.(It's possible your long distance flight from USA may still go. (Yes, yesterday newspapers reported aviation strikes had been postponed to February 23, 2017, several strikes are planned for that day.Strikes cancelled were 24 hour strikes, if that helps) as you can see they've still got three strikes up...

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