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Faversham has attracted its fair share of historians - and no wonder!

Its past is eventful and varied, it has always been close to the centre of the national stage, it has kept its own records since the 13th century; and its rich historic fabric constitutes a source just as informative (to those who can 'read' it) as documentary records.

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For early settlers its site was enviable - superb soil at the head of a navigable creek, quick and easy access to Europe, pure spring water readily available, a dry, temperate climate perfect for grazing, forestry and growing crops like wheat, barley and fruit.

We don't know when settlers first arrived, but by late prehistoric times Belgic farmers from nearby Europe prospered here, one with a home close to present-day Abbey Farm.

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The collection can be consulted by contacting CERLAC Coordinator Camila Bonifaz ([email protected]).Latin American Working Group (LAWG) library opens at CERLAC's Resource Centre: We are pleased to announce the opening of the LAWG (Latin American Working Group) Library, part of CERLAC's Resource Centre, thanks to the efforts of Liisa North and Caese Levo.As Liisa explains, LAWG "played a leading role in sustaining Canadian solidarity with human rights and women's organizations, peasant and worker unions, ecumenical groups, refugee agencies, and others in the southern hemisphere during some of its darkest hours of war, military dictatorship, and US intervention, as well as the bright moments of popular and revolutionary breakthroughs." The LAWG library is a unique collection of ephemeral publications, pamphlets, posters, letters to the public, reports, and other publications dating from 1965 to 1990.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special. Marketing Center Smartads is here to help grow your business on the internet and with conventional marketing strategies as well.Learn tips from the best marketing experts in the world.For nearly 400 years from 43 AD the area, like the rest of England, formed part of the Roman empire.This brought improved technology and infrastructure, not to mention a high level of civilisation and culture.Browse our directory or list your own website for free.Shop Here - New Zealand and Australian Online Shopping nz

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