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• Shuttle provided AUSTIN MUSEUM OF ART Siu L-Thjr Jli B-llpm. Congress 447-3577 OUR SHOPS We sell Htt Afl IT'S LEGAL 111 froiri He*np j£uj Jll * He*nf C^&ilirnti ic Hc Wf Food . The most truly outrageous aspect of the whole, almost clini- cally insane, Iraq misadventure is that our country invaded without any plans whatso- ever for an endgame.& HI-DEF Pl ASM.^ TILE VISION* 11 r^PPCTl ZCIl A DRLNK SPECIALS MONHAY NTCHTS A WFEKENn 709 1. HIE FHTJBE mimi'i Kil SEIECTION OF li MHBTEb Cl Un En ES, t\a K PIPES, PAPHQ, IHCXHSE, Uri DERGROJIl D KHKS & CM1IX, LCHj E QIL^, IIIKERI^ PIEEan C. As ludicrous as it seems, it is possible to accept that any number of senior officials in the Bush administration truly believed our troops would be welcomed with open arms by almost all Iraqis after we had overthrown their terrible and hated dicta- tor.A relatively new option for some free video sex chat rooms has been gaining popularity via chaturbation.Our favorite pro cams with free video sex chat rooms are at flirt for free and the live jasmine cams video chat network, there are always lots of hotties (both girls and guys) online there doing live video sex chat, and it is free. Find 100's of free porn picture galleries here at Penthouse Phone Sex.Instead, save money by forgoing horrible blind dates and expensive drinks at bars or nightclubs.YOU muct agree TO THE following rules TO enter THE site: You will not publizes people personal information from the site in any way.LISTINGS Anne Harris STAFF WRFTERS Wells Dunbar, Margaret Moser, Rachel Proctor May, Marc Savlov, Amy Smith, Jordan Smith CONTRIBUTING WRITERS TV EVE Belinda Acosta TCB Christopher Gray VISUAL ARTS LISTINGS Benne Rocket DAY TRIPS Gerald E. Rivera, Julie Ruff, Justin Schlueter, Baxter Steakley, Max Wynn, Daniella Zakon ADVERTISING ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Carol Flagg SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Jerald Corder, Annette Shelton Patterson, Carolyn Phillips, Lois Richwine ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Bobby Cheatham, Lindsey Dickson, Heather Frankovis, Sandy Martinez, Elizabeth Nitz, Daintry Orologio, Lori Whitley RETAIL OPERATIONS MANAGER Tobi White HOUSE ACCOUNT MANAGER Jerod Cykoski ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Michele Freeman, Jamey Maness MARKETING DIRECTOR Erin Collier MARKETING ASSISTANT Sadie Caplan MARKETING INTERNS/CHRONTOURAGEAarin Brewer, Jenn Nuzzo, Heidi Schmalbach, Amy Stonecipher PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR/PERSONALS Dan Hardick CLASSIFIEDS DIRECTOR Cassidy Frazier SENIOR CLASSIFIED ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Brian Carr, Serena Horn, Mindy Messinger LEGAL NOTICES Jessica Nesbitt CLASSIFIED ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Michael Mac Laggan, Sara Staricha, Michael Yrigoyen NATIONAL ADVERTISING The Ruxton Group NATIONAL SALES DIR. Contact Kate Messer at the intern hotline, 454-5765 x303. Bring your whole family to this holiday art market and Museum benefit on the beautiful lakeside grounds of Austin Museum of Art — Laguna Gloria. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^J Silent Auction: Lance Letscher, Julie Speed & Will Klemm Bid on a hand-crafted crystal chandelier!kfj VERIFIED The Austin Chronicle (ISSN: 1074-0740) is published by The Austin Chronicle Corporation weekly 52 times per year at 4000 N. • Ruby's BBQ/Hill Country Kettle Corn/Texas Coffee Traders • Art supply booth: Miller Blueprint Park on West 35th St. HVEKIDE »07»STIIVERSIDE (b Enmii Mi£ni U£n Q«u 441-5555 D N I G H T RESEARCH 11&S7 l ESEUKH BLVD b UVAL kb.) 502-9323 NOVEMBER 25, 2005 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 5 MORTH SOin H 9407 N. LAMAIt 832-8544 443-2292 O R E N El PAGETWO Welcome to the Quagmire In the Iraq war, there is no course to stay BY LOUIS BLACK I wish I could shut up, especially as the beacon of the Thanksgiving holiday burns through the fog, but the duplicity and dis- honesty of those in power demand to at least be recorded, if nothing else.

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